Facing south across Bix Common, Bix Village Hall has one of the most stunning outlooks in the country. It was built in 1912/13 adjacent to St James’ Church and last extended and upgraded some thirty years ago. Despite looking a little like a cricket pavilion, it has never been used as such, although local residents report that cricket was played on the Common until the 1990s.

Now the only community asset in the Bix and Assendon parish, it is used for a variety of social and community enterprises. It is also the home of Bix Montessori school – a far cry from the original statute that demanded it be used for purposes such as ‘education of poor persons in religious and useful knowledge!’

The recent three-stage refurbishment, including upgrading the kitchen and toilets, brought the hall up to modern standards to conform with current legislation. The  management committee is confident that the Bix Village Hall will continue to attract local usage for years to come.